About Me

Brianna McInernyPhoto credit: Amy Moore

I’ve always been an old soul, wiser than my years. At age 10, I understood people so well that my teenage babysitters would ask me for advice. I’ve always cared deeply about other people, and helping others has always been important to me.

My drive toward understanding grew with age, as I started facing my own challenges. Challenges like my parents’ divorce, my first love’s suicide, and a sexual assault held me under water for a long time. I struggled with substance abuse, relationships, depression and anxiety for years – until I finally made the decision to come up for air (while I was earning a degree in psychology). I haven’t looked back since.

As someone who highly values truth and transparency, and as someone who’s needed to be very independent from a young age, I always struggled to find support and guidance that I could rely on. It’s important to me that I offer a source of support and guidance for others – like I needed but didn’t have access to.

All of this led me to my first career in the mental health industry. For years, I helped people with severe mental illness reach their goals of employment, housing, and building healthy minds and bodies. I helped my clients get some phenomenal, unexpected results. I’ve always prioritized expanding my knowledge about the human condition – through client work and extra trainings, through my own personal growth, through working as a fitness instructor and becoming an energy healer. But I grew tired of working within systems that weren’t truly serving people, where it was really hard (if not impossible) for people to get the help they needed.

One day I realized that I could better serve people by branching out on my own – where I could give clients access all of the knowledge I’d accumulated. I could focus on client care using ALL of the tools in my belt, without crossing complicated systemic lines or getting bogged down under extreme requirements that take support and time away from clients.

And, now we’re here! I’m working with highly motivated, creative individuals – helping them overcome their deepest challenges, so they can have all the success they desire. 

I’m thrilled to have you here. Thanks for reading.

Any questions? I’m an open book, and I love to connect with new people. Shoot me an email – info@briannamcinerny.com. You can also subscribe to my mailing list for a once monthly newsletter containing adventure stories, upcoming events, and special monthly offers. Please stay in touch!