Stress-Free Detox: Cut Down on Chemicals without Losing Your Mind

Have you ever tried to detox your body?

If you’ve attempted removing even ONE chemical from your life – from your food, your cleaning supplies, or a daily habit like nicotine, alcohol, sugar, or caffeine – you know that cutting down on chemical consumption is way easier said than done.

It’s a growing trend to minimize our exposure to chemicals, for benefits such as weight loss, more energy, mental clarity, or better skin. Minimizing our chemical consumption is often an important part of providing for our body. Loving our body helps us feel mentally whole, which impacts every area of our lives.

Still, the process is often filled with maddening obstacles. Temptation & exposure to chemicals is everywhere we look. Attempts to cut back are often full of mood swings, feeling drained, & terrible headaches… not to mention endless trial & error with new products that aren’t always worth their salt. Not to mention the time & learning it takes to prepare chemical-free food… it’s all enough stress to make anyone lose their cool.

There has to be a better way! Cutting out chemicals is supposed to feel good, right? We’re looking to gain clarity here, not lose our minds. Try these three steps to get you through:

Don’t judge. Go easy on yourself & keep it simple. Tell yourself that your efforts are good enough. Allow yourself to do what feels good for you, and accept every part of your personality that comes up along the way. Judging yourself harshly regarding your progress will only push you back into the arms of the chemicals you’re trying to avoid. When the pressure comes off, it can be much easier for the habit to fade out naturally.

Substitute. Figure out what need that chemical has been filling for you, and brainstorm some other ways to fill the need when it hits. Write your ideas down on paper & consider this your go-to action plan when cravings or urges hit. Are you looking for energy? Try drinking some water or going for a walk. Are you looking for sweetness or connection? Seek out a hug, or give a compliment to someone you love. Drink teas, find something to fidget with, take a bath. Try making your own bathing & cleaning products. Find alternatives that really work for you.

Get support. This is truly the biggest key to lasting success. Surround yourself with people who support you, & support yourself by avoiding tempting situations at first. Get a therapist or coach to talk to. Surround yourself with people making similar changes in their life. Find books that share stories & advice from people who have successfully done what you’re attempting. Learn how to ask for what you want from others. Connecting with other people for support is one of the strongest things you can do, and when mentally whole people come together for a purpose, amazing things are possible.

Above all else, make these changes for yourself – because you want to. Focus on the outcomes you’re trying to achieve. And – always know you’re good enough & you deserve love, right now, regardless of what chemicals you choose to consume.



Components of Mental Wholeness: Clarity

This is the third installment of 6 where we’ll be walking through individual components of Mental Wholeness – a feeling of being complete & good enough as exactly who you are regardless of what’s going on in your life. This week we’re talking about clarity – the extent to which you feel clear about your life and where you’re heading. It’s easy in our society to put true clarity for ourselves on the back-burner. We’re so swept up in routines, in our shoulds, in existing responsibilities & obligations, looking at our growing to-do lists… then all of a sudden we come up for air & realize we lost ourselves somewhere along the way. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not ALWAYS going to feel 100% clarity. Life feels really uncertain sometimes. And, learning how to recognize when we’re feeling unclear & re-connect to our clarity when we need to is a huge part of feeling mentally whole in a consistent way. I end the video with an exercise you can use to gain more clarity immediately. I will be back next week for more on the next component of Mental Wholeness: Vibrational Awareness. Thanks for watching!! Make sure to subscribe/follow/connect if you’d like to stay in the loop.

Components of Mental Wholeness: Body Love

This is the 2nd part of a 6 part series, during which I’ll be describing 6 components of Mental Wholeness – the sensation of being complete as a person no matter what life is throwing at you. All too often in our society, we’re escaping our bodies rather than connecting with them, & we’d be very well served to turn this around! When you’re denying your body the love & care it needs to thrive, you’re putting a cap on the vibrant experience that’s available to you & the things you’ll be able to achieve during your time here on Earth. A loving relationship with your body supports consistency, creativity, confidence, connection, and cash flow. When you love your body & provide it with everything it needs, it can be your best resource on your path to success. Loving your body will positively impact every area of your life. So, this week, I encourage you to let go of shaming & blaming your body, so you can feel comfortable in your skin and feel more whole as a person. I’ll see you back here next week for the next step on your path towards Mental Wholeness. Make sure to subscribe if you’d like to stay in the loop. Enjoy!

Components of Mental Wholeness: Acceptance

For the next six weeks, these Tuesday Musings videos will walk you through six components of Mental Wholeness – starting with acceptance. Mental Wholeness is a state of be-ing that helps you feel consistently valuable & supported for exactly who you are, while you positively impact every part of your world, just by being in it. A realistic & thorough understanding of your current situation is an essential first step to creating what you’d like for yourself, and that’s where acceptance comes in. We need to accept ourselves, life’s highs & lows, & the full spectrum of human emotions, to begin building a solid foundation of mental wholeness for ourselves, using the unpleasant parts of our experience to clarify our desires, strengths, & values. Accepting the full truth about ourselves, others, & our situations – while fully honoring how we feel AND looking for the silver linings – is the first step on our 6-week journey! Please leave a comment with thoughts & questions, & make sure you subscribe/follow to see all 6 components. 🙂 Thanks for watching!