Overcome Comparison & Feel Good Enough

It is very natural to compare ourselves to other people, & to feel like we’re left out as an outsider somehow. Feelings like this… “I’m not enough” or “Nobody wants me” or “I’m unlovable” are all related to core fears that we ALL experience as humans. On a primal level, we can’t survive if we’re separated from our tribe, so these feelings & fears developed to keep us safe on a very basic level. They’re actually worth celebrating. They have good intentions. Still, you deserve to feel good enough right now, & your happiness & success depend on it. You’re unique, & you offer something to the world that no-one else does. There’s not another person on this Earth who’s exactly like you, so there’s really no use comparing. We’re all on our own individual path, and every single one of us is an essential part of the whole, even when we’re only a small part of the picture. On that note, this week’s Tuesday Musings offers some suggestions you can use to overcome comparison & start feeling good enough right now. I’ll be back with more on July 11th, talking about the first component of mental wholeness – Acceptance. Make sure to leave a comment below & tell me what you think! Thanks for watching.

Allowing Completion: How to Feel Good Enough Right Now

This week’s Tuesday Musings video is the last in a 4-part series about structuring the creative process. To recap, we’ve discussed sparking amazing creative ideas, then choosing the “right” ideas to focus on, followed by tips for staying the course when the going gets rough. This week, we’re talking about completion – & some strategies for feeling good enough NOW & every step of the way. It’s easy to say that we’ll celebrate & treat ourselves once we’ve succeeded at whatever we’re trying to accomplish – still, treating ourselves very well along the way is in itself an amazing strategy for success. When we don’t believe we’re good enough, we’ll sabotage & block ourselves from ever fully realizing the things we desire. This week’s video offers some suggestions for feeling good enough NOW – so you can feel complete every step of the way & fully enjoy the unpredictable process of your creation. Leave a comment & tell us what you think! See you next week.

Seeing Your Ideas Through When the Excitement & New-ness Fades

Generating ideas & moving forward on the best of the bunch can be a really fun & exciting process, especially in the beginning stages – but big picture ideas often take YEARS to see through, and it doesn’t take long for new-ness to fade & challenges to come into the picture. Developing some stamina & stick-to-it-iveness can do wonders for your self-esteem & the level of success & achievement you feel while you work towards your goals. In today’s video, I share a few strategies to help you do just that. Next week we’ll be musing about allowing completion in your life, including some strategies to feel complete all along so you can achieve big things with smooth-sailing & enjoyment of your creative process.

Release Your Money Worries: Three Steps to Stop Worrying About Money, So You Can Enjoy More of It

Has worry about money ever helped you make more of it?

Probably not. Still, most people experience some sort of financial stress. It doesn’t matter if they have a little or a lot of money, some worry is still there.

Money is energy, and it’s one of the most tangible, well-known sources of energy we have access too. We need food, shelter, and other resources to survive on this planet, and money offers means to access what we need. We crave the freedom to live however we want, to go wherever we want, and to help everyone we want to help. Money helps with those things too. It’s only natural that we want to generate, save, and exchange as much money as we can.

Releasing worry attached to money has the potential to positively impact everyone around you – especially those closest to you. Building a worry-free relationship with money helps you move more clearly & confidently towards your desires. With less energy spent worrying, there’s more left for creating, connecting, and thoroughly enjoying all of the amazing benefits money brings.

When you’re able to relax more around money, you might even find yourself making more of it. Here are three steps to stop worrying about money, so you can start enjoying it instead:

Get really honest with yourself regarding what you’re worried about. It’s rarely ever as bad in reality as it feels in your imagination. Chances are, many people feel exactly the same way you do. Write your thoughts on paper, without editing, until you’re out – you can even burn the page afterward if you’d like (safely please)! Notice the consistent things you’re worried about, and what’s contributing to your worry. What or who told you that you should worry about this in the first place? Are you ashamed of wanting money? Does it seem like money is connected to your relationships with other people? How so? Becoming aware of these patterns is an important first step to forming new ones.

Recognize  & prioritize the physical comfort that you feel. Are you fed well every day, with comfortable clothes and a roof over your head? Do you have means to get anywhere you want to go? Do you have items around you that can enhance your comfort, like a soft blanket for instance? Do you have tools to use towards your success? Regardless of your answers to these questions, starting to recognize and feel how well-equipped you really are is a necessary step towards releasing your money worries. Make your physical well-being a priority, and remember – no matter what happens, you’ll always have everything you need to succeed.

Re-focus your attention towards how you’d like to feel. There are always endless possibilities about how a situation can evolve. Why not imagine the desirable outcomes, and focus on actions that’ll help those come about, rather than circling in worry?  When we focus on how we want to feel, we often realize ways we can reach our desired outcomes immediately. The associated things we’re asking for follow naturally when we’re taking action from this abundant and satisfied place.

As you repeat this process, you’ll relax & enjoy the beautiful life you’ve earned, over and over again.


How to Pick Which Ideas to Focus On

As creative folks, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement & inspiration of new ideas. AND, when we don’t commit to seeing any of them through, we wind up chasing ourselves in circles – which doesn’t feel very good over time, & it’s not very productive. SO… how can we pick which ideas we want to focus on? I give some suggestions in this week’s Tuesday Musings video. Next week we’ll talk even more about some strategies for seeing your choices through when they’re well underway & they don’t feel so new & exciting anymore.